Why I Work For the Mayor

by Joe Browning

Mayor’s Chief of Staff

Nearly every day, someone in Verne asks me, “Why do you work for that guy?”  I was recently asked that by a woman named Amelia, who was sent  to Verne by her boss at the Urban Growth Advisory Collective.  When the U.G.A.C. heard about Winston Blank’s plans for a new mall and big box store outside town, they offered Amy’s services (Amy - that’s what she likes to be called).  Anyway, it was weird meeting someone my own age at Haverkamp’s Bar, and then she asked why I work for the Mayor.  It’s a tough question.

When I was a kid, my Dad was Mayor.  He taught me that public service is the most noble thing you can do with your life.  He did a lot of things for Verne, all while running his downtown hardware store for 40-some years.  I was away at college when he died, but I came back to run his store.

Cut to a year later, and Garner arrives in town.  When he was elected Mayor (unopposed), I didn’t think too much of it.  Unfortunately, that was the year the store was going under due to the mega-chain opening in Chessup, and I had other things on my mind.  The Mayor offered me a job, I thought it would look good on my resume if I ever went back to law school, so I took it.

Now here we are, going for a fourth term, and to be honest, I didn’t plan to be around for this campaign.  I’ve been accepted back into law school, and was planning on starting in the fall (please don’t tell the Mayor -- don’t worry, he doesn’t read much of this site).  But Amy has convinced me I need to stay, as the Mayor is the only chance we have of defeating Blank’s plans to shut down the rest of Verne’s businesses (more on that later -- you won’t believe what Blank wants to do to this town -- can you say “East Chessup”?). 

You might think of Garner as a big blowhard, someone who is more concerned with his image than the town of Verne, an empty suit.  And that might have been okay in the past, but now we need him to step up and become more.  I’m looking forward to working with Amy to make that happen.  Then, it’s back to law school!


Joe Browning