Let’s Keep Verne Safe

by Danforth Quinn

Verne Town Clerk

AS YOU CAN see from this photo, which shows me conducting important Verne business, I keep two pictures in the office behind my desk:  One is of the Honorable Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State  during the Nixon administration.  And the other is of Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln.  

Some have compared me to both of these great men, and I am flattered by the comparison.  But there are many differences between us.  For example, Dr. Kissinger was a professor at Princeton University, while I have had a successful accounting business here in Verne for the past twenty-five years.   And Secretary Stanton presided over the Civil War, which is very different than the Civil War re-enactments I so vigorously participate in the third week of June every year, as a corporal in the 3rd Brigade of the Blue Militia.

But one thing the three of us agree on is the importance of keeping our friends and neighbors safe.  Since I was appointed Town Clerk during Mayor St. John’s first term, I have been instrumental in making safety a priority during this administration: 

  1. I was the one who waited in the shadows all night to find out who had been screeching their tires, laying rubber, and doing doughnuts on Main St., disrupting the Mayor’s sleep in his downtown apartment.  Those kids are currently doing community service. 

  1. I fought the Town Council for funds to buy a second-hand industrial floodlight to put out by the abandoned A & W, which I think will solve the problem of people using it as a make-out spot.   Because it starts as a make-out spot, and ends as a place to plan criminal activity. 

  1. And I also established a check point at the entrance to town during last summer’s Verne Beef Festival, as a way to root out those who would do harm to our way of life.  The resulting traffic jam had a lot to do with the Highway Patrol refusing to issue us a permit this year and cancelling the festival, but it’s a small price to pay for safety.

The great military leaders throughout history have all known one thing:  The Pentagon is powerless without the support of the Politicians.  That’s why I’m working so hard to re-elect Mayor St. John.  As his chief advisor, I recognize the public safety challenges ahead of us.  We are prepared to face those challenges, but I don’t think Winston Blank, an outsider from Chessup with no previous public safety experience, understands the vigilance it takes to keep you and your family safe. 

The bottom line:  If you want to be safe and protect your freedom as a citzen of Verne, re-elect Mayor Garner St. John.


Danforth Quinn, C.P.A.

Danforth Quinn is the Verne Town Clerk, an unpaid position appointed by the Mayor.  He has

held that position for six years.  Born and raised in Verne, he is a confirmed bachelor.