Garner was born and raised in Verne, and graduated from Verne High School.  While at Verne High he served one term as Class President, and was a member of Junior Achievers and Senior Swing Choir.   He went on to earn an Associate Arts degree in Communications from Hiawatha Community College in Chessup.

After brief stints in the food industry and telephone sales, he was hired to host the light newsmagazine TV show “Travelin’ Man!”, produced for a regional audience from our state capital.  This began a sixteen-year odyssey all over the United States, as Garner and his crew did shows that were low on production values but high on fun!  He was also well known as a spokesman for many businesses, and for appearances onstage, such as a production of “Harvey” with the Chessup Lamplighters.

After “Travelin’ Man!” was revamped to reflect the changing times, Garner found himself looking for new challenges.  He moved back to Verne with his wife, the former beauty queen Marcine Weathermann, and embarked on a number of business opportunities before first running for Mayor six years ago.  He was instrumental in building the new Senior Center, and has spurred an effort to clean up the vacant storefronts on Main Street.  He and his wife divorced halfway through his first term.

The Mayor enjoys playing cards, planning real estate deals, and meeting the citizens of Verne.  He is a member of a local church, and looks forward to continuing to work

for the citizens of Verne!

MAYOR GARNER ST. JOHN is running for his fourth two-year term.  He won his

first three terms unopposed.  In our last election, ten percent of eligible voters cast ballots, and Garner received 562 votes (since he was unopposed, voters were allowed

to write in candidates, resulting in 8 votes for “Anybody”, 3 votes for “I.P. Freely”, and

one vote for “Franklin D. Roosevelt”).  In this election, his ex-wife and others have brought in an outsider from Chessup to run against him.